Our branches are designed to meet federal, state and local standards for accessibility. Accessibility features at our full-service branches include:

Designated parking spaces with appropriate signage, slope, grade and sidewalks
Audible and visual fire alarms
Visitors who have difficulty entering or navigating our branches may request assistance from any branch employee. We also welcome service animals.


For users with visual impairments, FNBSPI’s ATMs offer tactile input controls with symbols, ascending/descending keypads with visual contrast, Braille instructions, a headset port with verbal instructions and speech mode controls.


Members with hearing impairments are encouraged to contact FNBSPI through the toll-free Texas Relay Service by dialing 711 or toll free at 1- 800 – RELAY TX (735-2989). See our Contact Us page for specific numbers and hours.

Mobile & Online

FNBSPI’s mobile and online channels offer easy access to our products and services. FNBSPI maintains mobile and browser application compatibility with industry standards and guidelines. We recommend use of the most current versions (or the version released just prior) of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. To improve your web experience, we recommend utilizing your operating system or browser’s native accessibility tools.  Accessible features include:

  • Keyboard-accessible links and navigation
  • Color contrast for users with vision impairments
  • Text hierarchy to distinguish headlines from content and notation text
  • Descriptive links
  • Alternative image descriptions